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GandalfWeb is a new concept in website publishing. It employs a sophisticated new technology that allows you to design and create your own site, incorporating text, images and music as well as a range of database-driven functions—all consistently integrated into your chosen style or 'theme'.

Build It Yourself and Cut Costs!

Cut costs drastically by choosing your GandalfWeb styling option, selecting your pages, and creating your own content. It's quick and easy, and gives professional-looking results!

Click here to visit the GandalfWeb site

Easy Maintenance

You can log in to your GandalfWeb site at any time to change the content, so it need never be out of date. Different users can be assigned different access levels, so that one person could be responsible for, say, maintaining the content, while another could look after the mailing lists.

Backups can be created at the click of a button, and are held offsite for additional security. Restoring a backup is also just a matter of 'select and click', so you can try out an idea, and if you (or your customers) don't like it you can easily go back to the previous version.


GandalfWeb is continually under development, and enhancements are applied automatically, without the need to 'upgrade'. This means your site will adapt automatically to any changes in internet technology or new browser versions.

Technology You Can Trust

Our own sites, including this site and the GandalfWeb site all use the GandalfWeb technology. This means the system is tried and tested, and can be trusted.


GandalfWeb supports an ever-growing range of add-ons which allow you to integrate such functions as mailing lists, events diaries, booking forms, document downloading, etc.

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Other Services

We offer copy-writing services at competitive rate for people and organisations who don't have the time, or perhaps the inclination, to create their own content. We can also check your site over after you've created it and make sure it doesn't contain any typos or grammatical or stylistic errors, and can source your images for you. In other words you can choose your own level of service.